Legal Services For Civil Matters

Legal Services For Civil Matters
One of the legal services provided by legal and bar office is service within the civil law (civil right), namely issues, problems and cases of our clients that fall within the civil law. The concerned service includes assistance aspect, interpretation, representation, defence and advising. Some of these services are listed below:

1.            Representation in all matters of civil procedure.
2.            Representation in the contested procedure.
3.            Representation in out contentious procedure.
4.            Solving marital problems and disagreements (divorces etc.) in accordance with the legal norms.
5.            Regulation of relations between natural and legal persons in accordance with the law.
6.            Matters related to real estate and ownership.
7.            Inheritance right, the rights and obligation.
8.            Family right and family issues (paternity, maternity right etc.).
9.            Property relations between spouses.
10.        Disputes in execution procedure.
11.        Non-contractual relations (out-of-court agreements).
12.        Motion for preliminay injunction in relation to the statement of claim.
13.        Provision of advices in the process of recognition and execution of decision of foreing courts in our country.
14.        Others (client explains his case, and we jointly analyze the situation and draw the relevant conclusions and the progress of solving the problem in relation to civil law).
 In the context of criminal law are also defended some relations or matters from civil law. So, in a range of incriminations is defened the state and private property, is exercised defence regarding fraud on the occasion of sale-purchase. The damage to creditors, abuse of authority in economy, as well as contractual relations to the detriment of economic organization etc., are envisaged as criminal offences.
 Within these notions or problematics are also included the notion of property or problems with properties, then problems with assets, taking or acquisition of the object or property of someone else etc., in some cases, for the same offence apply civil and criminal sanctions, and in this case there is the double legal defense.
Therefore, we will analyse and interpret all these problems that you might have in the best way possible by always observing the ethical and legislative code, and setting the right and interest of the client in the first place.
Legal office headed by attorney Adelina R. Hoxha and supported by Resmi Hoxha dr., sc professional experience in criminal justice around 35 years.