Legal Services For Criminal Matters

Legal Services For Criminal Matters
We are specialised in criminal matters. Some of services (interpretation, defence, representation) provided in relation to the Lawyer: Mr.,  Adelina R. Hoxha criminal law are:
1.    Interpretation of law and criminal law.
2.    Defence of the defendant, suspect.
3.    Representation of injured party (function of defence, interpretation and representation).
3.1. Criminology and Criminalistics (serious crimes).
3.2. Criminal procedural aspects.
3.3. Penology and criminal policy.
4.   Interpretation of criminal law, criminal code and criminal legislation.
5.    Interpretation of sub-legal acts and general acts.
6.    Criminal law for juveniles.
7.    Advocation on issues of detention.
8.    Provision of legal defence services in cases of mandatory defence.
9.    Assistance with extraordinary legal remedies:
9.1.  Extraordinary of mitigation of punishment.
9.2.  Request for protection of legality.
9.3.  Request for conditional release.
9.4.  Request for retrial, revision etc.
10.Assistance in measures of mandatory treatment and criminal sanctions.
11.Plea agreement (in favour of the client in proportion with the offence and information) at the prosectuion office.
12.Legal defence in cases of extradition of suspects, defendant, foreing citizens in criminal proceeding.
13.Other (client explains his case, and we jointly analyze the situation and draw the relevant conclusions and progress of solving the problem in relation to criminal law)