Legal Services for Economical Matters

Legal Services for Economical Matters
We provide services for economic law at the national and international level. Some of these legal and bar services in the context of assistance, interpretation, advising, legal protection and representation are listed below:
1.    Commercial law.
2.    Loan disputes (debts between legal persons and state institutions.
3.    Financial issues.
4.    Guidance in reaching important economic contracts, such as concession, leasing contracts, etc.
5.    Labour right.
6.    Guidance in drafting and amending the statutes of economic business entities.
7.    Assistance in registration and protection of trade marks and industrial design.
8.    Intermediation in disputes resolution, as an alternative.
9.    Counseling in bankruptcy proceedings.
10.  Representation in privatization matters before the Special Chamber of the Supreme Court of Kosovo.
11.  Others (client explains his case, and we jointly analyze the situation and draw the relevant conclusions and  problem solving progress in relation to economic right)