Legal Services For Arbitration Matters

Legal Services For Arbitration Matters
Arbitration is rapid and efficient alternative in business disputes resolution, thus avoiding bureaucratic procedures. In our legal office, we provide this service at the national and international level:
1.      Alternative disputes resolution between legal persons.
2.      Out-of-court, rapid,  easy and low-cost resolution of economic disputes.
3.      Issuance of decisions from the arbiter with high professional qualifications.
4.      Guidance in drafting arbitrations clauses.
5.      Opportunities for accelerated arbitration (issuance of a decision from only one arbiter, with the consent of both parties involved in dispute).
6.      Assistance in recognition and execution of decisions of foreign tribunals or foreign states.
7.      Other (client explains his case and we jointly analyze the situation and draw the relevant conclusions and progress in solving the problem in relation to arbitration).